Thursday, July 14, 2011

Periodical cicadas

Yes, you know it’s slow in my blogging world when I start

blogging about insects!

Last night when we walked the dogs, the cicadas were incredibly



Click on the video to hear them….

Wow!  This is one of the “sounds of summer” that I just love!

Well, I got to wondering if there were cicadas all over the US or just in certain

areas.  From what I can tell, they are all over…….

however, this is the year of the periodical cicadas……you know, the cicadas who

read magazines…..just joking.

No really, these cicadas are in the areas highlighted on the map above and these

cicadas only appear every 13-17 years. Numbers range from tens of thousands to more than one million per acre.

Perhaps that is why they are so loud!

Loud and melodic… their music….not so fond of their looks!

A bit more of their music…..I won’t be posting pictures, as pictures of bugs just

freak me out!


  1. Tammy,
    I love the sound of cicadas. We don't have them here anymore but the chorus frogs sound sort of like them. I enjoyed the video and to be able to hear them again sounds lovely!
    Cathy G

  2. Thanks for the video Tammy. They are an amazing insect. Hard to believe that the emerge out of the ground after 17 years. JB

  3. We have them here. There is one (or some) in our back yard that sing weird. Instead of the vibrating hum, they are more constant like an old lightbulb- but loud. Freaks me out when the kid grabs them in his fist! You should hear them upload then! I have always thought it was cool to collect their shells though.

  4. Tammy, my grandma who lived in Tennessee always called those insects 'June Bugs'. I don't think they're cicadas, are they really? Up here in Northern Illinois we had our cicadas already...they only come once every 17 years. Those are something different.

    love your little video...cute!