Saturday, July 16, 2011

284 Miles…..

…..from Memphis!

That’s how far away from Memphis Sheryl Crow was last night.

(She grew up in Kennett, Missouri which is about 100 miles from Memphis)

Performing here in Springfield, Missouri.

To be honest, I know her “popular” songs and I love them, but I had

no idea what a great songwriter and singer she really was until

last night.

Consider me a fan!

I never knew she could play so many instruments and that she had

written so many of her songs……a really incredible artist!



  1. Now you are making me feel like I should have taken the offer last week for 2 free tickets to her show! i just get tired of hearing the same old popular songs - yet living iwth a husband that is Mr. Music I do know that performers often have "greater" songs then what is popular - So happy you had a great time.

  2. You are right Tammy, Sheryl Crow is an amazing artist. I love listening to her songs. JB

  3. Tammy - you know Sheryl is my cousin, right? We share the same Great Grandfather.
    And no, she does not attend the family reunions in Missouri. She's too "busy" to plug them into her schedule, every other year!