Sunday, July 24, 2011

Not fast enough

Oh how I wish this were going faster!
However, I must say that I’m not feeling overwhelmed
by this large runner….I’m rather savoring it.

I’ll work for a while on background when I need mindless hooking….
Work on the circles when I’m wanting to vary my colors back and forth….
Hook on the pods when I’m in the zone of doing a little more detail….
Or work on the leaves, when I’m really feeling detail oriented…..
Then there are days when I just want some immediate gratification….
That’s when I hook on those little flower buds that have fallen to the ground….
This rug is just what I’ve been needing!

Still, my mind is starting to think of the “next rug” that I want to hook.
Perhaps something with trees and birds….and words….
I don’t have anything definite in mind, so that is probably a good thing…..
just twirling ideas around in my mind…..

Isn’t that just another great part of the hooking adventure?!

Bits and pieces of things I see that make me smile….

We’ll see what comes out of the “mind meld” as I like to call it…
collecting all of these things in your head and then
seeing what comes out in the next rug….


  1. Ooh Tammy!! LOVE LOVE LOVE your new rug!! Such gorgeous colors and movement! And you're so right - big rugs really give you all you need, no matter what mood you're in! :) I can tell you're enjoying the process on this one! And loving the primitiveness of the circles next to the limes! :D yummyyy!! Have a great day sista!!

  2. Tammy ~
    That runner is going to be phenomenal! And big! And wonderful! Keep us posted on your progress, please.
    Hugs ;)

  3. Tammy:
    This is what I would call a "Jack-of-all-trades-rug". It satisfies all your needs and whims!
    Love it.
    I'm still laughing over all the ink on your legs from drawing it.
    Whhhooooooooo Whoooooooooooooo. You are such a silly girl.

  4. The runner is wonderful - the colours are very much your signature (from what I've seen). I love it that you can meander around and work on any area of choice.

    The other pictures you shared are awesome as well.


  5. I like the colors and design! Where is this long runner going to live?

  6. This runner is amazing--AWESOME! Love the design and the colors! Great post --some really unique and wonderful art!