Sunday, December 20, 2009

I’m dreaming of…..

……a beautiful, modern rug hooking publication.
…..and you thought I was going to say
“A White Christmas”
How do I even start to write this post? 
I really don’t mean to offend the publishers/editors at “Rug Hooking Magazine”.  I’m thankful that there ARE rug hooking publications around, but I want something
I want a publication more like the ones that
put out.
With beautiful covers like this…

or this
or this

Features on artists….beautiful features….artfully laid out.

Beautiful how to projects:

I guess what I’m saying is ….PHOTOGRAPHY….I want beautiful PHOTOGRAPHY….show us how these rugs and projects can fit into our lives and make our lives more beautiful!
Here is a prodded Christmas wreath from Gail Dufresne…’s beautiful…..but think how much more INSPIRED you would be to make it if it were beautifully photographed.
Hang it over a fence post in the middle of a snowy field, put it in the middle of a beautifully set table with a candle in the center….
make me WANT to make it!

Or this “Ring Out Joy” pattern by Linda Fernandes……place it on an old farm table, hang it on a primitive cupboard….
show me the possibilities!

The articles have been evolving….now the photography needs to catch up.
Here is a great article that they are working on now about ATC’s

If you want to participate click HERE.
Yes, I work full-time, so starting up some sort of NEW magazine is not in the works for me…..let’s urge our publications to challenge themselves to grow!
If you'd like to drop the editor at Rug Hooking Magazine a note here is her e-mail address:

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  1. Tammy....oh my gosh, girl, you completely stole my own thoughts! Everytime I get the only hooking magazine really out there I think those exact thoughts! I get 90% of the Somerset magazines and wish that there was something like them in the hooking world. I worry with the editor, Jenny Doh, stepping down that they may lose their touch but hopefully not! Anyway, I too wish for a stop you dead in your tracks rug hooking publication,....or at least a new look!
    Dana in Virginia

  2. I SO hear you Tammy! Those magazines are SO well done and down right inspiring! It seems like Jenny Doh, and Pokey Bolton are leading the way on this new type of publication - it would be awesome if they would extend their talents to rug hooking!

  3. Oh.....I'm SO on board with you! I don't buy Rug Hooking Magazine very often because I don't find inspiration there. The Stampington mags. are always full of luscious photos that just make me want to create! I would love to see Stampington publish a hooking magazine, or someone who simply "got it". Thanks for the much needed post Tammy!


  4. OK Ladies, Now what are we going to do about it? We know what we want, now...let's just go make a magazine!?! Eezee Peezee?!?!?!?
    Well at least we know who to talk to at There are Plenty of us hookers to come up with a game plan.1?!?!? Oh.... what have you uncovered Tammy? Sounds like a little egg nog talk! LOL But I totally agree, I would he happy to pay those outrageous magazine prices if we got what there were worth! (Which, I think the ones you mentionened totally are)

  5. You gals are all so right.
    When I look at RHM I feel like I am looking at something that came out about the year I was born. I'll go no farther with that.
    We need a more modern look, and you are right it is about the photography.

  6. WOW I read your post and thought FINALLY someone said it.
    I am a RHM subscriber, but truth be told there is very little content aside from the wonderful column that Wanda writes and the ads.
    I too would pay extra to see some new exciting stuff, to see some studios to hear from some fresh voices. I do love the first rug on the last page features, and they've had some cute stuff in the free pattern pull outs, but I hope they will bring the magazine into the new decade with a bit more polish!

  7. AMEN - between the lack of inspiration and the number of repeats and snatched originals, RHM is starting to be depressing! Will start looking for some of your recommended mags - they look fascinating - Thank you!
    hooker in NJ

  8. I think the photographs lack contrast. The contrast can be adjusted in photo shop. The paper should be thicker and whiter.

  9. Tammy,
    I hear you and I've had the same thoughts.
    Here are some reasons why it ain't so.
    We take our own photos. When I've worked for other magazines I sent the stuff ( rugs) to be photographed with a professional textile photographer who had the keen eye.
    We generally have NO training nor idea about design or photography, so the photos look amateurish , sort of like Field and Stream VS Martha Stewart Living. NO forthought, or planning, just send in those photos.
    Perhaps they think we want to see the whole rug and not it as part of a prop set up.
    I've seen the future and I do know we will be seeing a fresher layout come spring I've only seen my pages though.
    If we want a swanker looking publication I think it will be costlier for us.
    If we want a fresher look at the hooking world I suggest we all start submitting articles.
    I too am TIRED of looking at the same old thing.... we can see online there is a whole world of things to see. I like to read publications that introduce new ideas instead of catching up to rehash old ones.

  10. AMEN SISTA!!!!! I just love the sommerset mags, for just that reason! Can never get enough!! Wishing the same thing for RHM! Bravo to you for speaking what we all feel!!
    xo Bren

  11. Tammy, THANK YOU for your wonderful post challenging the publishing industry to create an INSPIRING, VISUALLY BEAUTIFUL rug hooking publication! Hooked rugs are so gorgeous and so textural, they would leap off the page if styled and photographed in the manner of the Somerset publications. Thank you for speaking my thoughts, down to the letter!

  12. Tammy, I also have felt that I have seen so much of the same thing in RHM for quite a long time now. I read Wanda's dye articles and enjoy seeing her beautiful colours but I guess I always long for the beautiful articles and photos I see in the other magazines! : ) I agree with all the other comments and thank you for saying what we are feeling!!!
    Hugs, Sunnie : )

  13. Thanks so much for all of your comments! I'll be posting more on this subject in the near future. Stay tuned!

  14. Hi Tammy. How appropiate at this time. A friend and I were talking just before Christmas with the following observations;; a much thinner magazine than in the past;not alot of interesting content other than that submitted by the selected authors, partially out of self interest it seems.Quite frankly I find some of the articles repetitious and boring. I am not a fan of primitive hooking to the exception of all of the other styles and look forward to something other than what seems to have become a fad. Shipping costs are excessive we think;we live in Canada andthe magazine is shipped to us from shipped Canada.I have had reason to recently purchase some older copies of the magazine and there is a distinct contrast between the old and the new.
    On a positive note the article by Wanda is always stacked with new and fresh information. Sometimes the only part of the magazine worth reading. Ginny Stimmel has been very prompt and helpful with finding and forwarding information when I have needed it. The information from the advertisers is invaluable, particularly for new hookers. But I don't think that the percentage of advertising should outweigh the hooking content in the magazine.
    I am sure there are many rug hookers out there who would be pleased to contribute to the magazine; it would be a large effort to find them I'm
    sure but no doubt worthwhile in the long run. I am seriously considering cancelling my subscription should the issues that I see continue.
    There are so many great resources in Canada, very few of which are noted in the magazine. Many of the workshops held in the US are conducted by Canadian teachers. why not find them and use their expertise?

  15. Perfectly said Tammy and exactly why I let my subscription lapse (that and because it never came until long after they were in the stores). Those magazines you posted about are such eye candy and even if I never make one thing out of them, the colors and creations are soooo inspirational! If you haven't read Where Women Create - that's another one that is just so inspiring and I love it even though it only comes out 4 times a year.