Sunday, August 2, 2009

WHAT? Cotton homespun?!

Yes, that’s right homespun cotton/cotton homespun…..I have no idea…I’m a wool girl myself.

Here are some close-ups of parts of the rug that were unraveled and now dried out….the rug is still wet, but some of the unraveled pieces have dried and now I can do more investigation of exactly WHAT this rug was made of and what I’ll be searching for.

First…a light blue cotton check.

Second….a navy and white cotton check.

3rd…I’m not sure what fiber this is, but since it’s a solid I’m sure I could use a wool for this one.

4th…a brown wool….I have PLENTY of that!

Here is a close up of the border made out of the homespun cottons.

A little later I’ll go back out and measure and see about how wide those cotton pieces were. I guess Pat Cross was onto something when she wrote this book and is shown using homespun, yarn and wools!

Go forth and get creative with what you hook with,



  1. Tammy,
    I have bought some old hooked rugs also. Some have cotton hooked in them and looks like maybe wool lightweight suiting. We are so fussy making our rugs, only 100% wool. Back in the day they used any kind of fabrics they could get their hands on. Old rugs are great but, the ones I've gotten have dry rot and fall apart. I see your sweet doggie is enjoying them though!!

  2. Hey they used what they had - we should probably be more like that in this throw-a-way world! I have several quilts my Mother's grandmother made that my Mom can tell you what was in the rag bag and what was one of her dresses and such - So I bet it was the same with the rugs! Cool though!

  3. I admire your spirit to even try to save this, but it is fascinating to see what materials were used. Thanks for sharing the process!