Saturday, August 22, 2009


I left for Maine on August 9th and returned on August 20th…..longest amount of time I’ve ever spent away from my husband.

I had such a great time with my friends that I went with as well as the people we met along the way.

I have learned that I really don’t envy people who travel a lot with their job like I always had before.  Traveling can be hell arduous, but it can also bring many adventures.

Our Crew

Sandy was my seat mate….on the way out to Maine.  We met when she signed up for a rug hooking class a few years back.  We found out that we both loved Tasha Tudor, (Sandy has a Corgi), and that we both gravitate towards the same designs and colors.  She is also a great photographer, so I’m awaiting many of her pictures to add to the blog.

Renee and I have been friends for quite some time now….8 or 9 years. We work together in nuclear cardiology.  When we started working together I taught her to hook and she taught me to applique.  A few years back we started Skip To My Ewe on eBay as a joint venture for dyeing and selling wool.

I also met Patti by teaching her to rug hook and then we found out that my husband delivered her mail…..she lives just right around the corner from me.

Such a great group of gals to travel with!

More pictures and stories later.

Trying to get back “in the groove” of my daily life.


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