Saturday, May 3, 2014

Hostas and Hooch


This weekend is supposed to be glorious!  However, at

8:00 am when I walked outside to take some pictures of

the garden, it’s far from it.  Yes, the sun is shining and the

birds are singing, but it’s 54 degrees and I am in my flip



Took a few snaps and then ran back in the house to warm

up with some coffee. 

On the weekends I like to put a little “nip” in my coffee…

..right now this is my favorite thing to add to it….

It deepens the coffee flavor and I think it’s only

fitting to start off the weekend with a bit of indulgence.

After all, isn’t that why we work hard during the week?

So we can kick back and enjoy the things we enjoy

on the weekends?

It’s just a thimble full that goes in…..okay, perhaps

it’s more like a splash, but we’re talking this kind of splash

Not THIS kind of splash…


We’ve gone through a cold snap with some nights in the

30’s, so there are really no blooming plants that are looking

beautiful at the moment….they all got a bite taken out of

them and the blooming plants are just sad right now.


The hostas, however, are magnificent!

Enjoy your weekend and do something indulgent for yourself!


  1. I see nothing wrong with the second splash, ha ha! Too funny! Why not indulge, I think I might have to pick some up for myself. Thanks for the idea!

    1. Lisa, It's also good in a cold, iced coffee!

  2. Tammy..... I'm going to get some of that. Where did you get it ..... grocery?

    1. Dulcy, I got mine at the International Wine Center....I think it's in the back of the store with cordials, I don't think it's in the tequila section. You can always ask, they are always friendly in there, but I'm sure you know that :)