Wednesday, November 13, 2013

More pics of the guest/hooking room

Oh, I’ve been so slow about sharing pictures……

but here are a few more….

these focus more on my hooking spot….

found a nice comfy chair at TJMaxx….

as well as the little shell table…..

the hooked rug pillow is a pattern I hooked a few years ago from Maria Barton

at Star Rug Company called “Lazy Sheep”.


I love this spot, because it’s right in the corner of 2 windows that let in

marvelous daylight and if I want I can turn the chair and look out the windows

and into the garden.

The bedside table is just a little chippy table that Kenny picked up at a garage

sale a few years back….I’ve started re-painting the legs, but they are not finished,

so I’ll show you that later on when it’s finished.


The hooked rug on the table is from eBay….it’s made entirely from

women’s lingerie… pretty and unusual!


The bookends are from Leola’s. Vintage and sweet.

Did I mention that this is my girly room?!


Two little shabby pink baskets fit underneath the table for extra

storage….the bottom one is filled with old Rug Hooking Magazines,

patterns, and dye books that I’ll be selling on eBay soon.


Be back soon!


  1. Wow, it looks so inviting....and girly! Love it!

  2. It's wonderful! Wish I could get my workroom to this point.....I would be so much more productive (I'm sure). Thanks for shopping with us appreciate your loyalty. Jan

  3. looks like a perfect place to hook the afternoon away ~