Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Christmas stocking and more

Today I thought I’d share a little Christmas with you.

I made this a few years back when I was teaching rug hooking,

and now, like many other things I have, I’m ready to let it pass on

to someone else.


I’ve always been quite taken with deer and if you’ve followed my

blog for very long, you remember that I’ve hooked many rugs with

deer and moose….I think it’s their big cow eyes and their gentle

faces that I love more than anything else.

I’ve listed this stocking on eBay, in hopes that it will find a new home

and be filled on Christmas morning with little delights for someone.

If you want to bid on it click HERE or on the picture above.

Lately, since my return from vacation I’ve been knitting just a bit….

nothing serious mind you, as knitting is a “come and go” type activity

for me.  What I mean by that is that I might knit crazily for a month or

so, and then put it down for a year or so.

The other day, I sat and made this little dishcloth, just to get back in the

swing of things.



Can you tell that it’s a basset hound?

Last night I started on another one that is a tiger paw….

for Mizzou of course!  I’ll share that one when it’s finished.

I’ve also still been hooking on the trout rug….it’s been slow-

going, this rug…..I started it over a year ago, and as you can see,

I still have a ways to go!


I also took time, the other day to stitch up one of my orphan

dogs that Buzzbee found and decided he wanted to play with.

I occasionally pick these up at flea markets and thrift stores…

they are stuffed dogs that have definitely been over-loved and

then cast aside.

Buzzbee pulled her ears off, so I stitched those back on…


While I was stitching those on, I noticed that the side of her

face had come apart, so I stitched it back together as well…


Rather than trying to make it look perfect I decided to just

use x’s, and I quite like the look…..she also had a place on her

back that was coming apart as well….


She also has a foot that needs some work, but I’ll have to

save that for another day….for now, at least her ears are back on!

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  1. Those primitive X stitches just adds a little vintage appeal to the piece and like you did that instead of trying to hide the stitches. I personally like it too.

    Have a great Thanksgiving holiday and stay warm (think Florida).