Friday, May 31, 2013

A face only a mother could love!

This weekend, I was sitting out back, reading…..

(I’m hooked on her books at the moment! This is the 2nd one I’ve read.

The two I’ve read have been about women in the early 1900’s who decide to have a career,

in addition to their family, come hell or high water)

The first one I read was

about a woman who had given up her medical training to become a wife

and mother, and then inherits a “windfall”.

While reading I was also watching our cardinal family visit the feeder.


If you look carefully at the picture above, you can see father, sitting on

the feeder and mother flying in to join him.


The cardinals have built a nest in a vine that grows against the back of our house,

next to the patio table and chairs…’s great, because you can sit there

and watch them coming in and out of their nest and they will often

land very close to you.


Above are the vines where their nest is located.

I was lucky enough to be outside when their chicks were leaving the nest and

learning how to fly.  They would hop out of the nest and then hop underneath the chair

where I was sitting, while mother and father kept a close eye on them.



One of the chicks flew directly into the swimming pool and I was

able to scoop it out of the pool with the pool net and deposit into the garden.

Like I said in the title…..a face only a mother could love!


  1. I am going to have to try that author I am on the last chapter of an Anne Patchette book.
    love your sweet little birds.

  2. Sad to see you closing your Etsy store. I always checked to see what neat stuff you had to offer. And you never disappointed. Too bad my budget with me being retired is pretty tight.
    Just keep your blog, please? Love all the photos and the snapshot of your life in Missouri.


  3. Oh how adorable. When do they turn red? They are so sweet. Never read her books, I'll have to look into them. I am an avid reader all year long. Hope all is well with you and Kenny and the kids. Haven't talked to you in a bit.


  4. Oh what sweet birds, When do they get their red color? Such sweetness. Hope all is well with you and Kenny and the kids. Haven't talked to you in a bit. Take care.


  5. Cyndi, Not sure when they turn red.....