Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Queen to me

Sunday night I went to my Grandma Doris's church for a Sweetheart Dinner. She had been voted Sweetheart for her Sunday school class and she was in the running for Queen.
As it ended up the girl who got queen was 12 years old, but my Grandma will always be a queen to me!
My niece, Madison, who is 10 was very concerned about the whole event....would she get flowers, would she get a crown, would she get to wear a cape, would she get a scepter.......let's say Madison knows about everything a queen should have! Here is Madison, giving her great-grandma Doris a light up awesome is that?


  1. Your Grandma is a Beauty! How sweet of your niece to give her the light up scepter. Too cute that she knows all about what a queen should have. Looked like your grandma really enjoyed herself.

  2. What a lovely Lady your Grandma is! And isn't that great your niece made sure she had everything she needed! True ladies!

  3. Your Grandma has a sparkle, she's very pretty. Your niece is very cute too. You're so lucky to have a Grandma!!

  4. What fun! Go Grandma!

    Tammy, thanks for stopping by and leaving your thoughtful post on my blog. I truly appreciate it!


  5. Grandma Doris looks beautiful. Just as a Queen should look. Give her a big hug for me next time you see her.

  6. They both are so wonderful to share such an event with one another.