Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Be-Lated Valentine's Day

I hope you had a Happy Valentine's Day. Mine was great.....I woke up to fresh-brewed coffee and a bevy of little gifts (3 new pairs of earrings) and a beautiful card. Not to mention that earlier in the week Kenny had brought home beautiful tulips AND we've had the bonus of having the amaryllis finally's been a revelry of red around here.....I love red!
Such a great day yesterday! I spent my morning with my hair artist, Terri, getting new color and working on a plan for letting my hair grow out a bit....hey, I've had REALLY short hair for probably 10 years now, so I'm feeling the need for a change.

Right now I'm in transition, but here is the in-between look that I'm working towards....okay people....for me this will be long :)(right now working on getting the top longer and keeping the back still short) I love Charlize Theron and I can just tell that she has that straight, fine hair like mine....I really don't expect miracles from my hair...I just try to find styles that I think I can make work with my hair.

So, now I'm much blonder and that just makes me happy!

I thought that yesterday I would work on my rugs or journaling, but instead I found myself out shopping...not buying much, but a cute new pair of sunglasses.

Kenny made us buffallo chili pizzas last night....OMG...these are sooooo good! I mean, you could build a restaurant, it was so good!! I think the key is the chili made from buffallo meat and the crusts that we get from MaMa Jean's. The crusts are corn meal pizza crusts from Vicolo.

Yum!!!! I had a glass of wine with mine, but I made Kenny his Caipirinha....our newest favorite drink thanks to Kim at Threadheads, Unite!

If you live here in Springfield, MO you can find cachaca at the International Wine Center near the rum. This is a picture that Kenny took last night of me making his drink....he loves to see me work!!!

Oh yeah, I did make some yummy molten lava chocolate cakes with ice cream and raspberries.....the cakes were from a mix, but they were so awesome...little chocolate cakes and when you cut into them chocolate goo runs out of them...the hot chocolate, the cold ice cream and then the tartness of the raspberries...YUM!
I also found this video, so maybe next time I'll try it from scratch!


  1. Happy belated Valentines Day to you too! I like your projected hairstyle, and I have stick straight hair too so I can identify with your challenges of a good cut. Love the flowers, and love your kitchen. it looks bigger than my entire house! I'll have to check out that yummy cake!

  2. Lauri,
    Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment....sometimes I feel like I'm just talking to hear my head rattle :)
    I love my new's a blessing and I think it looks really big because the pictures were taken from the dining room.

  3. I love your is absolutely gorgeous! And your new hair-do to be looks great too. I have very fine, stick straight, won't hold a do without a ton of spray hair too. I am always trying new haircuts, just got a new shape yesterday....we'll see. Hey, love the flowers and will check out the drink also.

  4. Hi. I often check your blog. Would love to see your creations on Flickr's rug hooking group.