Sunday, December 7, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like.....

Christmas Text -

at our house.

Kenny should have his own show!!!

This is made from his collection of vintage Christmas tree stands....this year they hold poinsettias, greenery (from the back yard) and candles.
The outside is decorated as tree is like a winter wonderland.

As well as cheery snowmen.

Hand-glittered pinecones adorn a garland in the dining room window.

One of my favorite pieces...this antique Santa that we found on an antiqueing trip a few years back.

Yes, there is laundry to be done as well, but for now Lonnie thinks it makes a good place to rest and enjoy some peace.

Go forth and be creative,

Christmas Comments -

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  1. Kenny is sooo wonderfully creative!!!!! How fun for you both to be the people you are!!! That came out wrong.. lol... i meant you must have so much fun together! And when the creative mojo flows - the other one gets it and supports it! :D He's so talented Tam!! And so are you!!
    Wish i could hire him out to come adorn my home in geenery! Hope you two have a WONDERFUL Christmas season!! Your going in circles rug is a knock out!! Looks like you're getting close to finishing it! Woohooo!!!! LOL Hook faster!! :D
    lotsa love xoxoxo bren

  2. Hey DOES look a lot like Christmas at your house! And, that Lonnie...I think he and Tag could be best buds.