Wednesday, August 21, 2013

So happy!

I try to check up on the dogs I feature on my blog, that are looking

for a forever home, every day or so……this sweet angel has been on my

blog since, I believe, October….that’s a long time!

Well, I checked today and it says she has been adopted.

So happy!

Here is her story….

Hi, I’m Daisey. I’m a friendly dog that is only looking to be loved. I’m a good girl;

I try really hard to please people. This is despite the fact that I was abused.

I was brought to M’Shoogy’s after my owner hit me in the face with a board.

The blow was so hard that, not only did I get a bloody nose, I had a seizure.

I could have let that experience turn me into a bad dog, but no way.

I’m not going to let anyone else define me! I know who I am; I’m a survivor.

All I need is one chance to show you what a great dog I am!


  1. OMG, I've tears in my eyes for the torture the poor gal went thru and tears of joy to have found a nice home. How anyone can abuse an animal I've no clue. Lucky little girl and lucky family.

    And I adore my big boy Ben who is also adopted. Ben, the Rottie, was 3 years 7 mos. when adopted and I will have him 2 years in October. He is a joy!


  2. What a sweet face! It is so hard to imagine that there are people out there who are that evil! I hope she got the best home ever!