Sunday, June 23, 2013

A few pics from our Florida vacation

This is the first vacation that Kenny and I have gone on together in several years…..

(it’s a dog thing)

I think we spent more time enjoying ourselves and not so much time taking pictures!

Our first night in Florida, we stayed with our friend, Patti, who used to live near us

here in Missouri.  We still miss her, but it’s fun to have friends to be able to visit in other

places…..especially near the ocean in Florida!

Our first day in Florida, we went kayaking through the mangroves near Boca Grande.


Kenny loved the stop, because they had giant staghorn ferns hanging in the trees….

they were pretty impressive, I must say….


I had been kayaking with Patti a few years ago and I was so excited that Kenny

was able to come along this time!


We had our rental Jeep packed down with

beach chairs for a beach excursion, post kayaking.


We stopped for lunch at South Beach Bar and Grille

Have you ever noticed how much better your food tastes when

you are eating outside?!

After our beach excursion, we went back to Patti’s and hung out for a while.

Later that evening we met up with more folks at Zeke’s for more

alfresco eating! Yes, lots of eating on this trip!

While we were eating….storm clouds started rolling in…..watching rain develop

here is really quite incredible to watch!



I’ll try and post more tomorrow…..warning….heavy on garden pictures!


  1. You must have been around Englewood!! We've been to Zeke's ~ good food!! I love that fish sign!!

  2. See why I love living here?????? I could never return to Missouri.

  3. Oh how fun. I love Florida, love the storm pictures!

  4. Great photos! Florida looks so tropical and warm. The photos of the storm are quite beautiful and a bit scary as well. Thank you for sharing!