Wednesday, May 21, 2014

What to do?

I’m signed up to go to rug hooking camp in June with

Heather Ritchie as my teacher, but I really have no idea

of what project I’d like to work on.

When I go to a workshop I like to try and take something

that I feel will be challenging for myself….rug camps are

good places to learn and stretch your creativity.

Here are a few ideas that I’m thinking of….


I like this piece above, it’s altered from a photo that I took

of Lonnie while I was walking him at the park a few years ago.

I love how the light is shining through the trees.  For me,

I think this would be the challenging part of the rug and I’ve

seen one of Heather’s rugs where she has light shining from

a street lamp. (You can see that rug HERE).


The picture of the distressed butterfly house and foliage

is another option….I like how it’s a bit abstract…another

technique I’ve not explored.


I really love this altered photo of Lonnie as well, but honestly,

I think I could do a fair job of hooking this on my own.


The next two are altered photos that I’ve taken as well,

but I just don’t think they are personal enough to warrant

spending that much time on, although I do think

they are very beautiful.


How do you decide what to hook when you go to camp?


  1. you know I have the same issue. I'm thinking that maybe for this camp we'll be working with a variety of materials.... So I'm thinking find a design that you like, will want to hang or use somehow, and perhaps the lesson will be branching out texturally. But, I think any of these would be fabulous. I LOVE the colors in all 3!

  2. I love those altered photos of Lonnie and would have a hard time choosing! How awesome to be learning from Heather Richie... I've admired her work also! Have fun expanding your artistic creativity!
    Cathy G

  3. your altered photos..what program are you using to alter these? THanks ! Carol at ticklepie

  4. Tammy,
    I vote for the last photo, the one of the waterfall. Hooking rocks and water seem like a challenge to me as there are so many different planes you need to consider. So far, I have never been able to hook water that isn't flat like the Gulf. But then you could do a great job of hooking almost anything.

  5. I love the first one of Lonnie and the light coming through the trees. I'm going to rug camp in August and will be hooking a photo of my dad and I. I was 5 years old, it is from a photo and will be sepia toned. I think it will be a real challenge for me, since it will be in 3,4 cuts. My teacher is Liz Marino. Have fun at camp Tammy!!!